What the Hell Did David Do? New Alien: Covenant Promo and Photos Reveal the Depths of A.I. Depravity

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilerish photos and video for Alien:  Covenant follow. Spoilers***

At this point it’s beginning to feel like we must know the entire plotline for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel, but that won’t stop a one of us from going to see Covenant, will it? The publicity for the second in Scott’s planned triad of Alien-related films has gone completely over the top and speaking for myself, it’s worked perfectly, making me more rabid than ever to be completely terrified and grossed out … though I can see why it might turn others off. What with all the plot holes and nonsensical behavior in Prometheus, I find it reassuring to get enough of the story that it at least seems like it’s going in reasonable direction, and I want nothing more than to see it all play out.

Clearly, the minute David — detached head and all — got Dr. Shaw off LV-223, she put Humpty-Droid back together again. And clearly, that was yet another bad move by the not-as-clever-as-we’d-expect, Elizabeth, because as soon as they got to the Engineers’ planet, David went right back to experimenting with whatever alien DNA he could find. My gut feeling that Shaw ends up the alien queen remains, especially after the dribbles of photos and information have kept coming, including these new pictures via Empire and Entertainment Weekly. Disappointed in humanity, David takes to creating new life; whether to wipe out one species with another, or merely to create a superior form, who knows? But my gods, this is some nightmarish stuff he’s doing. Forget about that little drop of black goo in a drink; now he’s taking things many steps further (I don’t know what’s he’s holding in those tweezers in the header photo, though. Is it what used to be an ear, or just a random chunk-o-Engineer?).

First, check out this promo which features a teeny-tiny alien, spider-like critter:

Miss it? No worries, here’s a nice slowed-down version for your leisurely review.

Um, yeah. That looks exactly like something David would whip up.

Then there’s this terrifying photo of what are clearly those pod cylinders — a kazillion of them — being dropped on what I presume is the Engineers’ planet. That will be the planet the Covenant crew discovers, the one that in the trailers, Katherine Waterston’s Daniels says has no animals, no birds, no signs of life.

Close-up of the cylinders.

Finally, the creepiest and goriest of the new photo crop is of what Scott is calling a “Neomorph” — what I’m calling the in-between critter David created. A crew member has had a bit of a run-in, shall we say, with the Neomorph, who has very humanlike legs.

I’m not shuddering; you’re shuddering! My guess is that this particular alien may be a transformed Billy Crudup (remember, David lures him to an egg). For some reason an alien that still bears resemblance to a human freaks me out way more than a full alien critter.

The last bit of related Covenant news involves Virtual Reality, because wouldn’t you like to get even closer to your worst Giger nightmare? On April 26th, Oculus will offer fans a VR experience of seeing a Neomorph being born. Good times!

Alien:  Covenant invades theaters May 19th.


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