Poor, Poor Elizabeth Shaw: In This Alien: Covenant Prologue, David Waxes Poetically, Invoking Ozymandias

Toldja so … again. David, goddammned David — he’s behind all our Alien woes.

This new Alien:  Covenant prologue gives the backstory for what happened after Prometheus events, when Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Elizabeth Shaw took off with David (Michael Fassbender) aka he-of-the-headless-body. Of course, she put him back together again, and of course — oh, wait — you should watch it before I say anything more.

So yeah, David put Elizabeth into her little nighty-night chamber, theoretically, until they get to the Engineer’s home world, only he’s a lying liar who lies, and instead of waking her the fork up like he said he would (never, ever trust a bot), David had a little fun on his own. And by fun, I mean, unleashed enough alien pods to wipe out every living thing. It certainly looks like (as I suspected) he’s the one who releases the cylinders we’ve seen in other teasers.

Then, since Shaw is already asleep, I’m guessing he decided to play Let’s-Make-a-Hybrid-Human-Alien-Mother with her (just as he attempted to back on Prometheus), only this time instead of impregnating her through an infected human, he did something much worse. Poor, poor Elizabeth Shaw. In the words of Walter White Percy Shelley …

Happy #AlienDay (4.26 — as in LV-426, the planet Ripley and Co. discovered) and I’ll see you in the theater, May 19th.

Cindy Davis

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