Star Wars Spoilers: Who Are The Last Jedi’s Porgs?

*Spoilers* for The Last Jedi follow*

There’s a new gang in Star Wars town, and they’re not what you might expect.

No, they’re not some new First Order nasties,

and they’re not pilots, either.

Sorry, they aren’t — as you might have hoped — Poe’s new companions … BB8 has that covered.

BUT, they may be Luke’s buddies.

Yup, from the sound of things ***SPOILERS for The Last Jedi AHEAD*** —

they are indeed friendly with Luke; you might even call him their caretaker. Because, the Porgs are adorable little penguin critters.

Making Star Wars‘ Jason Ward teamed up with his friend, Lumberjack Nick to mock up this sketch of the Porgs:

Image credit: Making Star Wars and Lumberjack Nick

How cute are they?


Ahem, I mean, they are just so adorable!

MSW describes the penguins as well-made puppets — native to Ahch-To — that look “cool and lifelike”; they’re also sacred and part of the planet’s ecosystem. The most interesting bit about the Porgs, aside from Luke turning out to be their unofficial zookeeper, is that they are force-sensitive. In The Last Jedi, R2-D2 and Chewbacca reportedly interact with the Porgs.

I’m so excited.

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