Can’t Trust Anyone … but A24: It Comes at Night‘s Second Trailer Is Even More Terrifying, and Holds Its Secrets Close

It’s kinda nifty when the guy in the mask is revealed, and you still don’t know what exactly is going on, or who to be afraid of.

Out of A-24 — and the mind of Trey Edward Shults (Krisha) — comes what looks creeptastically moody horror film, It Comes at Night. Of course, the obvious question is, “WHAT THE FUCK COMES AT NIGHT?

I’m happy to say that after this second trailer, we still don’t know (although if you read around them interwebs, you’ll get more than you bargained for, so just DON”T).  And, isn’t that what you really want — to not know why there’s a dude tied up, mouth taped and bag over his head? To not know why Joel Edgerton is wearing a gas mask, and running around telling people The Rules? To not know why there are Rules? To not know why THIS?

Of course it is. Watch on:

All we want from a scary teaser is to walk away worried, without really knowing why;

so grab your mask and meet me in the theater June 9th.

It Comes at Night is written and directed by Shults, and stars Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Carmen Ejogo.

Cindy Davis

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