Angry Gets Shit Done: Orlando Jones Gives a Group of Africans a Soul-Crushing Speech in New American Gods Clip

***Spoilers for American Gods (book and series) follow.

If you don’t get a million chills watching Orlando Jones’ Mr. Nancy (aka Anansi — African trickster god) … well, I honestly can’t imagine you not getting chills, so I’ll just stop there. This is just a taste of what you’re missing if you haven’t yet signed up for the Starz app, and if that’s indeed the case, I’ll bet you’ll run to order it right from here.

“A hundred years later, you’re fucked … “

That clip is from this week’s Episode 2, “The Secret of Spoons”, a(n updated) scene taken directly from one of Gaiman’s “Coming to America” vignettes.

This clip is all the more affecting in light of the latest news about Jordan Edwards’ unwarranted shooting.

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are not messing around y’all.

American Gods airs Sunday on Starz.

Cindy Davis

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