It’s Definitely Not Safe to Go Back in the Water: Giant Sq … Nightmare Creature Hits Indonesian Shore

I know I’ve said the robots were coming for us, but apparently there are other things on their way.

We love Jaws, but the movie still scarred many of us for life; who doesn’t feel a sense of dread in murky water past her knees? And I love the ocean, but still … murky water, y’all.

I’m always on the lookout, is what I’m saying, and that’s why I’ll never go swimming anywhere near Indonesia. Because LOOK AT THIS THING THAT WASHED UP ON Seram Island’s Hulung Beach:

Is that bones — a spine?


Discovered by a local who, in the dark, thought the creature was a stranded boat,

the critter has become a topic of debate. The guy who posted these photos, Mbs Sangadji, claims it’s a giant squid — creatures that can range up to 40+ feet long, but …

marine experts aren’t so sure (some think it’s a sperm whale), and a group of specialists are taking samples to try to identify the rotting carcass — which is waiting to be removed by … someone? Currently, the military are standing watch, and locals have asked for the government to get the thing out of the water as soon as possible. My advice to that dude standing upon it:  GET OUT OF THE WATER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Because … somewhere in the darkness, that thing has a family.

Here’s some nice video of whatever that is, bloodying the surrounding water.

Not for nothing, but we all know what bloody water attracts.

Speaking of:

I think my murky water days are over.

Cindy Davis

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