Supergirl Review: Nothing Held Back for Daxum Invasion

Supergirl, Season 2, Episode 21, “Resist”

A season full of romance and relationship building was largely thrown out the window in favor of grand dame scenery chewing and straight-up action in Supergirl‘s next to last episode of the season.

This chapter had a simple setup (Queen Rhea and her mothership have set up shop over National City, everyone else is trying to shoo them away), which allowed for plenty of highlights.

How can you go wrong with Teri Hatcher, Lynda Carter and the return of Calista Flockheart locked in verbal combat over Skype? You can’t really.

Despite all the interesting stuff that’s happened on Supergirl this year, Flockheart’s Cat Grant was sorely missed. While seeing Kara change and grow on her own was just fine, it would have been better had it included with Cat’s sage advice wrapped in snark thrown in for spice.

Just about every character of import made an appearance in this episode (they even found a bit role for Jimmy), with one notable exception. There has still been no Lois and Clark on-screen reunion between Hatcher and frequent Supergirl guest star, Dean Cain. His absence during this arc is frustrating, though it does seem right that they’d save something like that for the finale.

Rhea is causing havoc across the city, and she’s forcing Kara’s two love interests – Mon-El and Lena Luthor – to get married in order to placate Daxum tradition.

In order to stop Rhea, Kara and crew hatch a big scheme that involves distractions, break-ins, teaming with your enemies and a giant space laser.

To wit, Kara has to team with Lilian Luthor and Cyborg Superman to portal their way onto the Daxum ship to save Lena and Mon-El. While that is going on, Sanvers (Alex and Maggie) has to break into the alien occupied DEO HQ, and fire a superweapon that will vaporize the Daxum flagship. To make it all work, Cat and Winn take to the airwaves to rally the people to rise up against their alien oppressors and create a distraction.

It goes about as well as you might expect, given there is still one episode more left in the season. Lilian double-crosses Kara as soon as Lena is safe. Of course, Kara expected this to happen and planned accordingly. She wants to give Rhea one last chance to surrender peacefully, despite the fact that Alex has her finger on the trigger of the biggest gun ever made.

Rhea is unconcerned about the whole situation, because she has an ace in the hole –- a mind-controlled Superman. He breaks the big gun and arrives on the Daxum ship with a crazy-eyed look that will have to be explored further in next week’s season finale.

In all, there’s not much to nitpick about this episode. It was filled with action, overacting, and even a few tender moments that are the hallmark of the series. Like several episodes lately, it pushed Supergirl to the background a little more than it should, but given there’s probably going to be a lot of El on El action (Supergirl vs. Superman) in the season finale, what we got was a more than suitable appetizer.

Craig Wack

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