The Flash Review: Iris Faces Her Day of Reckoning

The Flash, Season 3, Episode 22, “Infantino Street”

True to comic book tradition, The Flash went the extra mile in its penultimate episode of the season by giving us two episodes in one.

The first was another throwback to The Flash‘s Halcyon days, before time travel was a thing. It’s a fun little adventure vignette where Barry has to team up with Captain Cold to steal an alien battery from ARGUS so it can power the team’s Speed Force Bazooka.

The second was a moody affair that takes place on Iris’ last day on Earth.

The adventure portion of the story reminded us how good Leonard Snart is good for this show. While he makes a major contribution to Legends of Tomorrow, Wentworth Miller’s snarling dry delivery and sardonic wit adds just so much to this series. It’s helpful that Snart is not a speedster, but it’s the fact that he works on an intellectual level that is equal to everyone on Team Flash which makes him most valuable.

The show got good value out of the King Shark animation they made this year, and adding the CGI behemoth (and a meta nod at its cheesiness) as nice complication to the heist. Put a pin in the fact that Barry used HR’s disguise gizmo to masquerade as a female, it might be important before the season is over.

This season-long Flashpoint story line has had a few peaks and many valleys, but Iris meeting her destiny (or did she?) was a well-earned emotional moment, even though we’ve seen Iris get stabbed about a dozen times during the season.

The team suffers a major setback when Savitar fools HR into blabbing the location where Iris is stashed away. The team springs into action, getting the bazooka ready to use. A couple of major players are taken off the board, with Wally injured during Iris’ rescue attempt, and Cisco off for a showdown with Killer Frost. HR seems to be ready to pack it in after giving up Iris’ location, which is the latest in a long string of non-contributions that he’s made.

The showdown unfolds with Barry using the bazooka, which offers a glimmer of hope before Savitar breaks out this season’s Amazing Plot Device, the Philosopher’s Stone, which we learn is a solid chunk of speed force, to counter the big gun’s effects.

We are then shown the worst half-second of Barry Allen’s life in slow motion, with a video Iris made of her speaking her wedding vows laid on top. As depressing as it is, this is moment The Flash was building toward the whole season. Iris ends up with a hole in her chest and Barry screaming at the heavens in despair (as sad superheroes are wont to do).

There’s an interesting theory about what could happen in the aftermath of Iris’ date with destiny:

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The theory states that it’s actually HR who gets stabbed. HR in his moment of self-pity uses the disguise gizmo to look like Iris and switches places with her during the few seconds Savitar was running around trying to avoid the bazooka. We’ll see.

Fans of the show have known this day was coming since January, but it still managed to pack an emotional punch. The big challenge will be how The Flash is able to tie up the loose ends in a satisfying way.

Craig Wack

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