Star Wars Spoilers: Is This What Was in the Box Rey Saw Walking Up to Luke at The Force Awakens‘ End?

At the very end of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, as Rey makes her way up the long winding path to find Luke Skywalker, she turns a corner and comes upon a box; she pauses for a moment and then continues on.

A lot of people, including us, have wondered what might be in that box, and we may now have a good clue.

Here’s your obligatory ***Spoiler Warning*** for The Last Jedi — the following describes what may be inside that box, something we’ll purportedly discover during Episode VIII.

Making Star Wars‘ Jason Ward says he’s seen a box — though from its description, either it would have to be inside the plain, what looks to be wood box Rey saw — that contains an exciting tool Luke will employ, possibly to locate an enemy. The “steampunk”-ish item Ward calls “the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I can think of for a Star Wars film” is itself contained in a box that has a “blue marble-like orb” on its top and inside, is a compass with needle and Aurebesh writing, believed to indicate direction (a la NSEW). It may be that Luke uses the force to open the compass box, as he waves his hand over its top.

Other observations indicated that just as Rey goes on a journey, presumably after that simpering Kylo Ren, Luke will be headed to find someone else, and the possibly magical compass will aid his quest. Skywalker is said to be traveling with an orange backpack, water bottle and a handy-dandy critter zapper (not the Porgs, please!) described as “cattle prod”-like.

Less spoiler than rumor is speculation on exactly who Luke is off to find; a guess he’s after Supreme Leader Snoke makes sense. Of course, the trailer attempts to lead us to believe Skywalker wants to end the Jedi, but we fans are too smart for that. Of course, Luke will end up having his mind changed (presumably by Rey), and then he’ll head out, force renewed and at full power, to help defeat the First Order.

Finally, an “amphibian nun” is mentioned alongside the Porgs, with no further details or context (that linked image is Paula Kerstens, as shot by her father,Hendrik for his photography book, Silent Conversations. Dun dun dun …)

This all sounds very intriguing, and only makes me more excited for The Last Jedi …

Hurry up, December!

Read the full description of Luke’s tools here.

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