Better Call Saul Review: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Better Call Saul, Season 3, Episode 7, “Expenses”

With the high of defeating Chuck in the rearview, Jimmy and the rest of the characters on Better Call Saul are having a hard time moving forward.

Jimmy has a large number of expenses hanging over his head with the TV time he’s committed to, the malpractice insurance he’s on the hook for, and the cost of keeping his office (and connection) with Kim open.

The community service obligation is also cutting in to Jimmy’s ability to hustle that TV time through his Saul Goodman Productions. Part of his problem there is when he does get a potential client, he instantly goes for the upsell, and it scares those people off.

Kim isn’t in a much better spot. She’s slogging over the regulatory details of several states, all while her part of what happened to Chuck at that hearing has stuck in her throat. It’s a victory that is becoming more hollow with each passing day.

Even a trip for drinks and scams isn’t what it used to be. Jimmy is fixated on getting out from under the boulder that is that TV contract, and he sees an opportunity to scam five grand from a blowhard gambler at the next table. He’s dead serious as he conjures up a plot to separate this asshole from the ill-gotten gains he’s boasting about. Kim bursts Jimmy’s bubble when she says they are talking about this in the abstract, and not an actual scam.

Things aren’t much better for Nacho and Mike. Nacho taps the crooked pharma guy/baseball card lover to get him the empty capsules that Don Hector’s heart medication comes in. Mike, who is helping out at his granddaughter’s school, decides to get back into Don Hector’s business, despite making a connection with a woman we can only assume is a retired medical examiner from NYC.

It takes Mike’s brains to fully bake Nacho’s plans, which will come to fruition once the capsules arrive.

The episode wraps with Jimmy cracking in the insurance office, trying to get his malpractice insurance put on hold and his premiums refunded. It’s half sympathy ploy, and half collapse under the stress of it all. In a final moment of passive aggressive self-loathing, Jimmy exposes his brother’s issues to the rep, which is sure to make Chuck uninsurable.

Jimmy leaves the office looking like a man ready to shed his current personality and live under a new identity.

Craig Wack

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