Guess Which Avenger Enjoys Acting Out Dream Scenes with Action Figures? Hint: Those Arms

Playing with action figure isn’t just for kids, y’all, and maybe it’s even a little therapeutic? At least, I hope it is, because Chris Hemsworth seems to have some unresolved feelings about Cap, and that just can’t stand.

“Look at me, I’m Captain America, just got smashed over there like a little fly ..”

You’re probably wondering what’s going on — yeah, I don’t exactly know either. I think Thor is just working out a few disagreements with coworkers — superheroes are not immune — and I’m sure by the time we catch up with Avengers:  Infinity War, they’ll all be buddies again. Meanwhile, you may find yourself ever so slightly distracted by those arms.

Glad to see he took a hard line on gun control,

“Guns aren’t cool.”

and wasn’t too hard on the new kid.

Maybe he enjoyed having his own movie again just a little too much?

Sorry-not-sorry, Iron Man.

At least Hulk’s on his good side.

“We’re mates now.”

Me? I’m in it for the arms (and Taika).

Thor:  Ragnarok‘s out November 3rd, and it can’t get her soon enough.

Cindy Davis

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