What’s in the Boatload of New Game of Thrones Season 7 Photos?

HBO is quickly ramping up the promotion of Game of Thrones‘ long-awaited 7th Season, now only about a month off. With a slew of new photos to peruse, and a behind the scenes look at special effects featuring Dany riding a huge …

… camera, let’s see what we can suss out.

One of my least favorite characters, both in the book and series, is Samwell Tarly (sorry!), BUT in this first shot, he’s actually (finally) doing the second most interesting thing he’s ever done — weighing a brain!

My most fervent hope is that his training (and our suffering) will finally pay off, and he’ll save one of our favorites from a fate worse than rejection by Dany.

If Sam can manage that one feat, I do solemnly vow to never say an indifferent word about him again!

And, speaking of bringing back the dead, I’d like to resurrect a ridiculous, but not entirely impossible hope/theory. You see, there’s a certain someone in these photos who knows a little something about returning from the other side of life:

That’s Richard Dormer’s Beric Dondarrion riding North alongside the Hound, and I know you’ll call me crazy but, what if Benioff and Weiss wanted to pull off the biggest Game of Thrones coup … what if they twist up the tale again, and finally bring back a certain long-lost lady?

I know, I know; it’s probably bananas to even write that thought out loud, but you have to admit, it would be so COOOOOOL. The ultimate Winterfell reunion, am I right?

More likely, though, those two fellas riding together will meet their maker at the hand of a girl who rides with a certain few names on her lips, two of whom just happen to be THEIRS. Whoopsee!

And oh, just look at Needle, all handy-dandy-like, at the ready.

Before we get to the rest of the photos, here’s a little interlude with the lovely gentleman who pulls off many of Thrones‘ grand sequences. Turns out like father, like son; Special Effects Supervisor, Sam Conway says his career was spawned by going to work with his dad, who worked on many Monty Python movies.

Clearly, Conway has one of the best jobs in the world, as does the Mother of Dragons Cameras, Emilia Clarke, who deserves kudos for making those flying scenes seem so real.

On with the rest of the Season 7 pictures:

Those are a whole lotta concerned expressions on a whole lotta faces, and what with this series’ high death toll, who can blame them? Hey, how about that transition?

I mean … let’s close this post out in a suitably somber GoT way, with a fan-made video of all the series’ (purportedly 150,966) deaths.

The 7-episode series returns to HBO July 16th and will close with its longest ever episode (81 minutes).

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