Here’s Your First Spoileriffic Look at Jeremy Davies as American Gods‘ Jesus Christ

First things first; this post contains ***Spoilers for Sunday’s American Gods finale, “Come to Jesus”***, so if you want to know nothing, back on out.

Via Spoiler TV, who has a sneak peek at Episode 8, here’s your first look at Jeremy Davies as JC, as backhandedly introduced by Ian McShane’s delightfully vulgar Wednesday.

Wednesday seems to take issue with Jesus — well, all the Jesuses —

but in particular Jesus Christ, who Wednesday accuses of having stolen Easter’s (Kristin Chenoweth) glory.

Wednesday says that people used to decorate eggs with dandelion and paprika to exchange as gifts for the first sign of spring in her name,

though since JC was resurrected, even if people observe rituals and mouth Easter’s name, they have no idea what it means.

Jeremy Jesus is duly remorseful for his part in things.

Check out the full promo, and here’s the Starz episode preview:

American Gods‘ first Season finale airs this Sunday on Starz, and I can’t bleeping wait.

Cindy Davis

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