Did Isaac Hempstead Wright’s Bran Visions Confirm Jon Snow’s Real Name? *Updated*

***Spoilers for Game of Thrones ahoy. Spoiler Warning***

Looks like it’s leak day, today (here’s hoping that spreads through those governmental folks). Over on reddit, user theshivsharma posted this photo, purportedly from an Empire magazine preview issue, in which a no longer confused Isaac Hempstead Wright aka Bran Stark, would seem to confirm Jon Snow’s true name is Jaehaerys Targaryen.

Of course, this isn’t much of a spoiler, since most fans already suspected Jon’s heritage, HBO confirmed his lineage last year (right around this time),

and another redditor read Lyanna Stark’s lips during the Season 6 finale:

Lyanna starts by whispering ‘His name is’, and then what follows appears to be a three syllable word that appears to start with a J. I’m not a great lip-reader, but I’m fairly certain what she says is Jaehaerys.

…If Lyanna was in love with Rhaegar (as seems likely), it makes sense for their son to have a Targaryen traditional name like his siblings Aegon and Rhaenys. Jaehaerys would be a good pick as the name isn’t associated with any real negative connotations, like Aerys, Maegor, etc. Not only is Jaehaerys the great-grandfather of Jon, he was the King who received the ORIGINAL PROPHECY about the prince who was promised from the woods witch with Jenny of Oldstones.

This prophecy is what caused Jaehaerys to force his children Aerys and Rhaella to marry, because it was prophesied that the PTWP would be born of their line. Rhaegar was aware of this prophecy, and while he originally thought that he was the PTWP, he realized later he was not and that it would be one of his children. That is why he took/seduced Lyanna in the first place. His wife Elia could not have any more children, and he knew there must be a third child (The dragon must have three heads).”

All that aside, it’s nice to see the cast still loves to leak. Thanks, Bran!

Now all we need is that third head.


As noted by Empire contributing editor, Dan Jolin, the name Jaehaerys Targaryen is what most people believe Lyanna whispered in the Season 6 finale, and to his knowledge, not necessarily confirmed by the cast as yet.

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