Happiness Is a Warm Hug: Adele Brings Grenfell Tower Firefighters Cakes and a Cuddle

In this world that’s increasingly marked by bad news rather than good, any little bit of love and lightness is soul-cheering; any person who pauses a moment to show people true appreciation or kindness is a goddess in my book. By all accounts, Adele is one of those people — a down to earth, caring human who delights in making others feel good.

And so it was that she popped by London’s Chelsea Fire Station for a “cup of tea and a cuddle” with the fellas who rushed to the horrific scene of last week’s Grenfell Tower blaze on June 14th, which claimed 79 lives. Via Sky News, this is actual footage of what those firefighters first saw on their way to the scene:

Cue Adele showing up at the fire station to offer cakes and hugs in appreciation of their service, as described by station manager, Ben King”

She just turned up at the station and knocked on the window and said she has some cakes for us. So we opened the door to her and then she took her sunglasses off and said: ‘Hi, I’m Adele’. Everyone was so shocked.

She came in, came up to the mess and had a cup of tea with the watch and then she joined us for the minute’s silence. We have had so much support for the local community and we cannot thank everyone enough.”

Just lovely. It’s the simple, kind gestures that really matter to people, isn’t it?

We’re sending out all our love and hugs to those firefighters and the whole community.


(photos via firefighter Rob Petty)

Cindy Davis

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