Game of Thrones‘ Pilou Asbæk Says Euron Greyjoy Will Make Ramsay Bolton ‘Look Like a Little Kid’

Remember the relief we all felt when Sansa had her last words with Iwan Rheon’s awful Ramsay Bolton, who’d spent the majority of his five seasons terrorizing, torturing and raping people? Disgusting as his last scene was, we knew he’d finally gotten his been turned into just desserts,

and we were fine with never seeing the likes of him again.

Well … Game of Thrones has a new villain in town, and while he quickly made an impression in Season 6 by taking out his brother, I’m not sure anyone expects him — or anyone — to be near as awful as Ramsay. But …

… according to Pilou Asbæk aka Euron Greyjoy, his character will hit new and horrible heights. Speaking with Empire magazine (via Mashable) as part of their Season 7 preview, Asbæk did a little not-so-humble bragging.

“After this season, Ramsay’s gonna look like a little kid. The psychos I’ve [encountered] have so many different sides to them. So each scene I’ve done with Euron, I pick a new thing I wanna show. ‘This scene I wanna be charming.’ ‘This scene I wanna be a molester.’ ‘This scene I wanna kill someone.'”

***Minor A Song of Ice and Fire Book Spoilers ahead***

Sure, in A Feast for Crows, it’s established that Euron is a pretty brutal dude who likes to cut out tongues and rape, but I can honestly say that with the shortened final seasons, I didn’t think we’d get that deep into his character. This does make me more than a little worried that Theon and Asha Yara will pay dearly for having stolen those ships, made a very flirtatious deal (Everybody Loves Yara?), and left with Dany.

All I can say is, May the Mother of Dragons and Her Fiery Flames Be with Us All (and no more rape, please).

Game of Thrones returns to HBO July 16th.

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