Brienne and Tormund: Game of Thrones‘ Hottest Couple, Wasn’t Planned; Rather, Born of Natural Flirting

Holy, the things you find out in interviews! Like that of all Game of Thrones‘ intriguing characters, Benioff and Weiss would love to write a scene for Khal Drogo and Tyrion …

… and if the rumors are true —  during filming in 2016, the writers and Jason Momoa reunited in Belfast — maybe a flashback could make that happen.

But, I digress; we’re not here because of Tyrion and Drogo (are we?); we’re here because David Benioff and Dan Weiss just revealed that the whole inception of Tormund and Brienne wasn’t at all planned; it was down to the actors.

That scene last season when Tormund was eating and lasciviously staring at Brienne was one of our favorites. Usually, when we really love something there are a few other people who like it as well. It’s great because there was no dialogue written for that, or major stage direction, there was just a line like, ‘He stares at Brienne because he’s never seen a woman like that before.’ And then we let the actors do what they do. [Benioff]

There was the episode where they’re all leaving Castle Black together and there’s a shot — it wasn’t scripted at all — of two of them on horseback and she looks at him and he smiles at her. It’s not something you could ever write. It’s just this moment where this guy is creeping out on her and he smiles in a way that makes her very uncomfortable and she just looks away. I saw it 150 times and every time it made me laugh; it’s purely the two of them. [Weiss]”

I can’t even describe the thrill at hearing this wonderful tidbit, that Kristofer Hivju’s fantastic expression is solely born of such a simple suggestion and in turn, Gwendoline Christie’s half-embarrassed, half irritated-beyond-belief reaction is her completely natural, Brienne-ish response … it speaks to the brilliance of these performers. I love that the actors have the freedom to play with their characters and give us the emotions they know are right for these people they portray. And, we (the audience) couldn’t be more thrilled to be on the receiving end of this joyous gift. In Game of Thrones‘ ever-so-dark world, the gift of a naturally occurring, gloriously humorous moment is beyond measure. Like the showrunners, we go back to these moments time and again and it fills us with pure joy and laughter.

Of course, Benioff couldn’t leave us in that warm glow, even for a moment.

It inspires us because we need to kill one of them now because there can’t be a happy ending or any romantic connection on the show. But we’re not going to tell you which one.”

I’m taking that as a joke. It had better be a joke. As we saw in a batch of new Season 7 photos, our favorite couple does indeed have another encounter.

Meanwhile, Time magazine has a cover piece on the series that features gorgeous cast photos, though sadly, not Brienne and Tormund.

via Time

via Time

Head on over to Time to see the rest, and EW to read more from Benioff and Weiss.

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