Hey Look! Ramsay Bolton Is Back in Trouble with the Dogs: Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer

I think we probably all feel comfortable admitting that if we end up adding Marvel’s Inhumans to our watch list, it’ll be in large part due to Iwan Rheon. Whether you adored him as Misfits‘ Simon or shrunk in terror at the sight (or sound) of his Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones‘), it’s absolutely clear Rheon is a very talented actor.

***Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6 ahead. Spoilers***

When last we saw Ramsay Iwan, thanks to Sansa Stark, he was having a rather satisfying (if vomitous) reunion with his dogs; unfortunately this man’s best friends were also quite hungry. And well, starving beasts will be beasts …

Reborn in his new role as supervillain, Maximus, it appears Rheon is still on the opposite team to canines; it seems teleporting pup, Lockjaw, is aligned with Maximus’ brother, Black Bolt (Anson Mount).

Okay, okay! Watch the new Inhumans trailer first, and then we’ll talk.

Now we know just whose side the dog is on, and something tells me any sensible person would want Lockjaw on your side …

… even a guy like Ramsay Bolton.

The series is based on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s comics about a family of genetically modified (by the alien Krees) superhumans, with a focus on the conflict between the two brothers (Black Bolt and Maximus).

Inhumans also stars Sonya Balmores, Isabelle Cornish, Eme Ikwuakor, Ken Leung, Mike Moh, Serinda Swan, Ellen Woglom and our Lost forever Constant (Desmond!), Henry Ian Cusick. The first two episodes premiere in theaters on September 1st, and on ABC, September 29th.

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