Game of Thrones‘ Faceless Man Finds His Next Identity: Tom Wlaschiha Joins The Deep Mad Dark

For a guy whose made himself known as one of our favorite series‘ so-called Faceless Men, Tom Wlaschiha aka Jaqen H’Ghar sure has a lovely countenance, so we probably won’t mind watching his new TNT series, The Deep Mad Dark.

Many Faced God, indeed …

The upcoming science fiction thriller will feature Tom as Joda,

NO, NOT YODA … JODA, a “mysterious neighbor who might not be what he seems”.

Sounds about right, no?

And by neighbor, I mean, a dude who appears in a field next to Dr. Polly Lewis (not yet cast), a neurosurgeon researching trauma and memory.

He clears the field with a machete, and she watches a weird encampment grow as others join him. Is it an art installation? An eccentric group of squatters? In Detroit’s fallow fields, these things can happen. But when Polly begins experiencing threatening intrusions into her life by an estranged childhood friend, her feelings about her mysterious new neighbor change. Every interaction with him confounds her. Intense and mercurial, Joda veers from menacing to jarringly insightful, even seductively warm. Is he a lost man who has battled his own demons and is trying to build an unconventional life? Or does Joda have in him the capacity for violence that Polly senses he does?”

I think we all know the answer to that.

Lewis’ unconventional methods are interrupted by the return of former friend, Tash Hollander (uncast), who’s been in Belize under the tutelage of an odd (sounds cult-ish) community leader, Lydia Prince-Richard, played by the phenomenal Jacki Weaver (Blunt Talk, Silver Linings Playbook, Animal Kingdom).

Weaver’s character is described as “a hobbyist self-help writer, lover of floral shirts and self-described “collector of lost people.” She left a conventional life in the United States and reinvented herself as a surrogate mother to “those who come her way” on an idyllic beach in Belize that she calls her Kingdom“.

Okay, this all sounds bonkers and addictive, and I can’t wait to see who scores the lead role (Lena Headey, anyone?), and to try figuring out wtf is going on.

Written by Megan Martin (Animal Kingdom, The Right Kind of Wrong), directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mr. Robot, Under the Dome), and produced by John Wells (Shameless, Animal Kingdom, Southland, Mildred Pierce, ER), The Deep Mad Dark will air on TNT in 2018.

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