‘I Believe We Can Do Better’: Gillian Anderson Speaks to The X-Files‘ Dearth of Women Writers and Directors

As is any fan of Gillian Anderson and The X-Files knows, the series is coming back to Fox again (again), for an eleventh season, and though the 2016 revival was a mix of good and terrible, we’re still excited. We’ll pretty much watch Gillian do anything, any time, anywhere; after all she’s a modern day goddess who can fabulously and ambigenderously inhabit any being.

Of course, one of our favorite characters is Anderson’s Dana Scully and despite the fact that the actress has had to fight to be paid the same as her co-star, we’d expect that by now Chris Carter and Co. would carefully listen to what she has to say. After it was made public that the new series of ten episode features exactly ZERO women writers, Gillian voiced her disappointment — did not slam, not rip — about the numbers, including only 2 female directors in 207 episodes over the years.

Were I Anderson, I’d go on a tirade and demand some rehiring before showing up on set, or kidnap Duchovny, but I’m obnoxious like that. Our diplomatic queen is going the honey over vinegar route, and I’m certain she knows better than me how to wake up those sleeping idiots around her, so I’ll leave it to the professional. But, seriously, Fox, Carter and everyone connected behind the scenes, YOU CAN DO BETTER. Even barely trying, you can do better.

Here’s the first suggestion, and an excellent one at that.

Second suggestion? Let Anderson at the driver’s wheel. If anyone knows this show better … well, there isn’t, so just listen!

p.s. She’s an accomplished writer too.

Season 11 of The X-Files airs on Fox in 2018.


Cindy Davis

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