Lena Headey Reveals As a Young Actress She Was Pressured to Sleep with Powerful Men … and Cersei’s Wig Nickname

In a recent New York Times interview that covers more of her personal life than it does Game of Thrones‘ IT’S-ALMOST-HERE upcoming 7th Season, Lena Headey did make a couple of interesting notes. The first is her latest wig’s on-set nickname, oddly fitting and amusing, despite that the shorn ‘do wasn’t the queen’s choice.

In the piece, mention is made of Cersei’s short wig, “known on set as ‘the Turnip'”, which … okay, but ouch!

Almost makes us feel sorry for her again, but then we remember all the horrid things the Lannister Lady has done.

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As mentioned, the interview reveals far more about Lena Headey’s personal life, chronicling her childhood (born in Bermuda, raised in Highburton) and acting journey from her discovery through a national theater competition and early films, to the lead in Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles and an indie with Peter Dinklage (Pete Smalls Is Dead), where her costar mentioned the role he knew she might be just right for.

I thought she would be a good fit for Cersei because anyone as funny as Lena is can also plumb the darkest depths. The two always go hand in hand.” [Dinklage]

Near the end of the piece, writer Jeremy Egner seems to strike a poor note with Headey when she voices her curiosity that viewers raised more hell over Jaime’s apparent rape of Cersei next to their son’s corpse, than “a man up North taking his children to the White Walkers”. In response to Egner’s comment that it’s because rape exists in the real world, Headey — “in the withering deadpan of a woman who has endured her share of mansplaining over the years” — replies, “I do understand that, sir — reality versus fantasy“.

The next paragraph quickly jumps into the deplorable tactics of the entertainment industry’s “boy’s club”, where Headey makes a quick reveal we’ve heard from far too many actresses. Noting that on the Josh Friedman headed T: TSCC, “my voice was very quickly ignored and my opinions were very much not wanted“,  Headey remarked on her male-dominated field,

You grow up in it, and you learn to infiltrate it‘, though sometimes it’s not so easy. As a young actress, she faced pressure to sleep with powerful men, she said, adding that ‘I never played the game.’”

Of course, the fan favorite is playing a different Game now, one her character has often dominated, though Headey admits she doesn’t have high hopes for Cersei’s future on the Iron Throne.

It can’t be me because I’m already there. So I’m [expletive].”

Read the full piece at NYT. Game of Thrones returns to HBO Sunday, July 16th.

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