Guest Who’s Coming to Westworld? Katja Herbers Gets an Upgrade; the Delos Site Could Use One

If you watched HBO’s Westworld, you already know that despite what a certain website might try to convey (H/T Bekka!), all is most certainly not well. People are missing, some may be dead (or, regardless of appearances, not), and humans may not be in control of their own destinies inside the would-be fantasy world they’ve paid so much to enter. A day or so ago, Delos’ Westworld experienced a site upgrade, though it doesn’t appear it worked according to plan, so visitors now see this sort of glitchy business:

“Something’s gone wrong” — That’s the understatement of the year, what with the finale shootout. Presumably that’s Stubbs or Elsie, or another human trying to get word to the outside world.

Regardless of Dolores’ indifference, the oddities continue for a few seconds, until the systems override takes control …

… and a command to load Ford’s final (hahaha) narrative, “Journey into Night” is entered. Gee, I wonder who’d do that?

No worries, though. “All is well. Celebrations continue.”

And the Delos site goes back to its usual state, touting the resort’s attractions, with chatbot Aeden standing by for questions.

So, we’re sending out a ‘best of luck’ to the newest human joining the Westworld cast, and yes, she’s been confirmed (though who really thinks we can trust the showrunners?) as a human guest. The Leftovers‘ Katja Herbers (Dr. Eden) leaves one Lost producer (Lindelof) for another (Abrams), as she enters the Delos resort, “a seasoned guest” … wonder if she’s run into William before?

Finally, as Evan Rachel Wood noted, it’s almost time for Westworld‘s second season to begin production (this month).

Though we don’t have an exact date of return, the series’ second round airs sometime in 2018. Talulah Riley (Angela) and Louis Herthum (Peter Abernathy) have both been upgraded to regulars (Hosts, that is … ).

Cindy Davis

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