Meet the Next Big Spy Franchise Lead: Blake Lively Teams with Bond Producers and The Handmaid’s Tale Director for The Rhythm Section

Here’s an interesting bit of news on the heels of Daniel Craig’s return to Bond; looks like we’ll be getting a different version of Jane Bond (*sigh* … Gillian) than expected. Seems Barbara Broccoli did have her eye on a woman spy, only her target is a whole other franchise.

Via Deadline, Bond producers are teaming with director, Reed Morano (The Handmaid’s Tale, Meadowland) for a movie series based on Mark Burnell’s The Rhythm Section — the author’s first novel in a planned four-book series, GeminiThe Third Woman and Chameleon –about undercover operative/assassin, Stephanie Patrick. After her parents and brother are murdered, Patrick is recruited by a “shadowy” law enforcement agency for whom she takes on different identities, in part to discover who killed her family.

Our friend, Deadpool’s real-life partner, Blake Lively will take on the lead, and though I’m sure there’ll be a bit of snickering out in the internet wilds, this might work out just fine. After all, if you have asked many of us if we could have predicted Matt Damon as the Jason Bourne he turned out to be, the answer is probably a resounding …

As debonair and dashing as our Bond men have been, we have to admit charm and good looks are a factor for the role; same goes for the women (La Femme Nikita [1990,1997 both], Atomic Blonde); Lively will presumably go through the requisite fight training, and I think she can nail it.

On top of that, The Rhythm Section will be helmed by a woman, and produced by women, so I’m taking this news as a win. Just one little note to tptb:  next can we have a non-white, non-blond spy-lady, oh please? Because there are too many glorious, kickass actresses of color who should be heading projects like this (hint:  a few are easily found in those Black Panther photos released today).

Cindy Davis

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