Holy Fleabag! Are Our Doctor Who Dreams Finally, Brilliantly Coming True?

This post was originally published July 5th.


***Spoilers for Doctor Who through the Series 10 finale follow. Spoilers!***

Can this finally, really and truly be happening? Could it be in such a spectacular way? Because of all our dreams for a female Doctor, the incredible, amazing to the point there just aren’t adequate adjectives to describe how perfect Phoebe Waller-Bridge would be as the thirteenth incarnation of our favorite Time Lord, and holy I can scarcely contain myself.

Via yesterday’s BBC Newsnight comes a bit of footage from a recent Q & A with Waller-Bridge, wherein the actress is outright asked if she’s the next Doctor.

“Not allowed”? NOT ALLOWED? The only way she’d be “not allowed” is if Phoebe were somehow aligned or under contract or an employer’s gag, so um, I’M TOTALLY TAKING THIS AS CONFIRMATION.

Seriously though, this explains why Waller-Bridge isn’t starring in her new series, Killing Eve (she’s executive producer), even though she’d be forkin’ fantastic in either role. And, aside from a few other more well-known actresses we know would also be great choices, I can’t think of a more perfect Time Lady to head up the next generation of Doctor Who. She’s an original; quirky, smart, witty and hilarious. With her former showrunner (Broadchurch) at the helm (and I’m willing to bet Phoebe was his first choice) next season, Series 11 could be shaping up to be one of our favorites in show history.

p.s. If you haven’t yet seen Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the phenomenal Fleabag, get right on that, NOW (Amazon).

Cindy Davis

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