Brienne and Tormund Take 2: Game of Thrones‘ 7th Season Reunites Our Favorite Star-Crossed Lovers

Of all the glorious and wonderful scenes in Game of Thrones‘ Season 7 opener, we couldn’t have asked for a better reunion than those few magical moments with Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane. Lustybane, as I like to call him, is not even attempting to be subtle (if he ever was is surely questionable) as he stopped to admire a Lady’s training with her woefully underwhelming opponent, Podrick Payne.

Just look at that glint in his eye! Tormund has it soooooo bad for Brienne, though unfortunately, she looks just as irritated as always. I will say, though, she looks slightly less embarrassed by his attentions than the other times they’ve crossed paths. And he’s all, ‘Come on, can’t you give me just one little chance?’

There’s almost a softening in her face at the end, there. But, a true knight won’t be deterred from her work.

And, a red-bearded Wildling cannot help but admire a fierce warrior.

Tormund clearly considers it an honor to fight against — even be defeated by — the knight he admires and wishes he could spend a little more time around …

Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite seem to share his enthusiasm.

But, who knows; maybe after this conversation (that sadly, we don’t get to see/hear) a Lady will change her mind?

To be continued …


(Looks like despite David Benioff’s threats, our dreams live on.)




Cindy Davis

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