I Want to Know When You’re Going to Come Back from the Past: The New Outlander Season 3 Trailer Time-Travels Forward and Back

We have to go baaaaaack! And forward and backwards and all through time and holy, does Outlander‘s third season — which covers Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager — look glorious, again. Especially that last moment when Claire sees and recognizes … wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here, JUST WATCH AND FLAIL, LIKE ME!

You guys, even the mister is into this show, so if you’re a dude and you’re trying to be all dude-like, just get over yourself and watch. Even Game of Thrones-ers are in this one; for starters, the sublime Tobias Menzies (aka Edmure Tully).

All the shots are as gorgeous as usual, and I know everyone (me included) wants nothing more than to have Claire and Jaime reunited …

but I’m not one bit sorry we’ll be spending some time in the past with Claire and Frank. Menzies is an acting god, and I’ll watch him do anything … even not sleep.

Still, that moment when Claire recognizes the name on the print shop sign is utter perfection.

Oh and no, thank you, I really don’t want to talk about who Jamie is naked with. *Spoilers here.*


Yeah …

OUTLANDER stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton, David Berry (Lord John Grey), Wil Johnson (Joe Abernathy), John Bell (young Ian), César Domboy (adult Fergus), Gary Young (Mr. Willoughby), Hannah James as Geneva Dunsany, Tanya Reynolds as Isobel Dusany, and Charlie Hiett (Captain Thomas Leonard); it returns to Starz September 10th; IS IT HERE, YET?

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