Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Mads Mikkelsen Is Set to Join Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland in Chaos Walking

What do you do when you’ve got two of the moment’s brightest stars starring in the kickoff of another new film series and you need a great villain? Why, you turn to one of the world’s greatest actors, invite him to (*cough*) dinner …

and offer him the job of a bananas crazy mayor of his self-named town.

Looks like that’s just what Doug Liman has done. The Edge of Tomorrow director’s next up project is an adaptation of Patrick Ness’ multiple award-winning Chaos Walking, the dystopian series (The Knife of Never Letting Go,The Ask and the Answer, Monsters of Men) that follows Viola Eade (Ridley) and Todd Hewitt (Holland) in a strange world where noise — The Noise — of humanity’s every thought and sound is amplified, heard by everyone. The future is, as always in fiction, terrible — women are wiped out in Todd’s hometown — and evil reigns.

And Mads, what do we say when evil knocks on our door?

The actor is in discussions to join Chaos Walking as Prentiss, a ruthless man and mayor who, at one time, mentored Todd.

Though he’s had some wonderful non bad guy roles, Mads has carved himself a nice little niche as a charming no gooder, and ’round these parts we support ANYTHING that gives us more Mikkelsen, so this is grand news.

Chaos Walking is scheduled for a March 2019 release.



Cindy Davis

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