SDCC Trailer Roundup, Television Edition: Stranger Things, The Defenders, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Discovery, Preacher, Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Black Lightning, Inhumans, The Gifted

San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and left an ocean of teases and previews in its wake. We here atOohlo Labs™ know most of you are way too busy living your lives on your all-too-short weekends to comb the internets for juicy tidbits of coming attractions. Luckily for you, we here at the Labs live for this stuff and have collected it all here in one place. We’ve also done a movie version which is here.

Given the immediacy of television, the presentations at SDCC feel more urgent because instead of drumming up interest for a project still a year or more away, TV shows are rolling out in the next couple of months and the right buzz can mean the difference between getting your season order cut short or a full season pickup.

Many of the shows we cover here at Oohlo had panels and previews at SDCC with Cindy breaking out the Westworld teaser on its own here.

Preacher is midway through its second season and still, it is not to be outdone in the trailer department.

We got a small taste of Herr Starr earlier in the season, but he’s going to be a weirdly fabulous addition to the mix.

Preacher wasn’t the only offering from AMC; the star attraction was this trailer for Season 8 of The Walking Dead – now with 40 percent more Negan!

It comes back October 22nd.

The most highly anticipated return this year has to be the second season of Netflix’s sleeper hit, Stranger Things. Life isn’t getting any better for poor Will.

Also on Netflix is Marvel’s The Defenders, which drops next month. Lots of Sigourney Weaver to be had in this one.

Staying with the superhero set, all of the CW’s Arrowverse shows. Ollie is an instsa-Dad now on Arrow.

Iris is emotionally strong and take-charge on The Flash.

Kara isn’t handling losing her boyfriend very well on Supergirl.

The Legends of Tomorrow will be busy fixing time.

The new arrival Black Lightning looks pretty good (yes this was released in May but it’s too cool not to include here).

There are two new shows coming from the Marvel stable of characters. First is Inhumans, which hits IMAX screens before its TV premiere.

That will air on ABC.

Over on FOX, The Gifted is from the X-Men universe and follows a family whose kids are just discovering their mutant powers.

We also got our first extended look at CBS All Access’ Star Trek Discovery starring Sonequa Martin-Green of Walking Dead fame.


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