Game of Thrones’ ‘The Queen’s Justice’ Promo Previews the Gift About to Be Returned, aka Who’s on the Other End of Euron Greyjoy’s Rope?

***Spoilers for Game of Thrones through Season 7 Episode 3 follow. Spoilers***

About a week before its 7th Season premiere, HBO revealed descriptions for the first three Game of Thrones episodes. “The Queen’s Justice” hits next Sunday and as stated, the matter of a certain gift return will play out. I’m pretty sure since less than 30 days will have passed, Cersei won’t even need a receipt.

Yeah, that was bad, but also clearly on par with Uncle Euron, who in this week’s “Dragonstone” amped up the cheese factor by a thousand percent.

In the new promo, Euron returns to King’s Landing with someone in tow.

In case you missed it, here’s a shot of his arrival to the throng of townsfolk, who’re always ready to mock the latest poor soul being paraded through the streets.

I don’t know if the rope in his hand is actually Nymeria’s whip, but I do believe there’s someone at the other end. The question is, is that someone — Euron’s gift — as most people suspect, Ellaria Sand (with or without Tyene)? Or could it be someone else? The answer has been out on Watchers on the Wall for quite some time — I don’t usually read spoilers, but I accidentally came upon this looking for Season 7 photos a while back — and if you’d like to know exactly who’s on the end of the rope, you can find out below the ***Spoiler Warning***

SERIOUSLY, ***Spoiler Warning *** Photos below

No turning back now.

Photos via Watchers on the Wall, Spoilers at the link.

That just sucks. Obviously we knew the arsehole had Yara and that whatever his intentions, they wouldn’t be good. We also knew Euron would certainly deliver Ellaria and her daughter to Cersei, so she can exact repayment (‘Queen’s Justice’) for Myrcella’s death; we’re mentally prepared to see them gone. Thanks to Pilou Asbæk, we know Euron is going to strive to be worse than Ramsay Bolton … but to pull your own niece by a rope around her neck is sickening. Granted, book Euron is a vicious man known for pulling out his own men’s tongues, for pillaging and raping and enjoying killing. Many show fans have had our fill of that sort of thing, and hoped the end of Ramsay might mean less gratuitous violence and sexual assault. Seeing these photos drains away that hope, and I’m more worried than ever about what might happen to Yara.

Oh, Theon …



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