Goddammit, HBO! Just When We Thought We Were Out of True Detective, Mahershala Ali Pulls Us Back In

This is incredible, wonderful, glorious and terrible all at once. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO ACT.

As always, I’ll let either Kermit or Prince show me the way …

Deep breath … you’re still wondering what this is all about, aren’t you? Okay, so remember how great Matthew McConaughey was as Rust Cohle in True Detective‘s first season?

The HBO series third season will be even better than that, because as rumored a while back, Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali has signed on the dotted line.

Season 3 @hbo

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I know you already know how fantastic he is (Moonlight, Luke Cage, House of Cards, Hidden Figures, Treme), but HBO must truly know how important it is to have Ali topline this show, because there are very few who could draw most of the world back to the show. As completely into the first season of True Detective as we all were, that whole mess with writer, Nic Pizzolatto and the finale letdown (Rust … turns … to … god?!!!), combined with a lackluster second season, meant not many of us were interested in the show anymore. Matter of fact, HBO already brought in (hero) David Milch (Deadwood, Brooklyn South, NYPD Blue, John from Cincinnati {shut it, that show was GOOD]) to help out with the writing, and even that wouldn’t have helped without the right headliner. So, THEY GOT THE RIGHT HEADLINER.

And just like that, they pulled me back in.

Cindy Davis

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