From the Homicidal Bitchin’ That Goes Down in Every Kitchen: Mr Robot_3.0_Democracy Is Here

It’s here.

The trailer for the third season of Mr Robot has finally landed and I am shaking. We are in for a thrillride, folks, and I am ready.

The full breakdown is coming tomorrow. I just need to watch this forty million more times.

Nadine Morgan

Nadine Morgan is really terrible at the ‘About You’ part of life. Nadine developed her reviewer skills writing epic facebook rants about the details script supervisors forget and trying to explain why Carol on The Walking Dead broke Lizzie by accident. Nadine loves TV, film and books but she wishes someone would pay her to be the continuity editor. She can be found on Facebook and in her forest garden and if she’s not yelling at her TV she’s trying to convince a cat to be an Instagram model and refusing to let 90's fashion die.

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