New Promo Confirms Who Brienne Is Fighting in Game of Thrones‘ ‘The Spoils of War’ and a Long Awaited Reunion

***Spoiler Warning: This post discusses Game of Thrones events through Season 7, Episode 4, and A Song of Ice and Fire book events and theories. Spoilers***

Earlier this week, I pored over the Episode 4 preview for clues, discovered Littlefinger unsheathing the Catspaw Dagger — and discussed who his intended victim likely is. I also posited that a certain person was about to arrive at Winterfell where she’ll have a much better reunion with Sansa than a Three-Eyed brother, and possibly be the person to finally take out the dastardly Petyr Baelish.

You may have heard this week that there were hackers who got to HBO, stole scripts and possibly footage and today, that “The Spoils of War” has been entirely leaked online, but this is NOT related to that. That said, it is not high quality footage, but it is plenty clear enough to see what’s going on. The short clip is an official promo that aired on Sky Atlantic, across the pond (why do those cheeky bastards always get the good stuff first?)

Our favorite knight has taken a break from kicking Pod ass

to work on training another.

Brienne and Arya are sparring at Winterfell! Are you cheering as loudly as I am?

Now, let’s hope that after a girl has a heartfelt hug with her long-separated sister (Bran can just stare off into the distance as he is wont to do), Arya does indeed take her vengeance. The Stark girls are together again!

“The Spoils of War” — which is the shortest ever Game of Thrones episode (50 minutes), airs Sunday, August 6th.

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