The Defenders: Does David Tennant’s Kilgrave Live?

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Jessica Jones through Season 2 and possibly (??) The Defenders follow. Spoilers***

After what seems like an eternity since we plowed through the nightmarish Iron Fist, The Defenders is finally here, tomorrow, to wash it all away. Netflix has dutifully ramped up their promotion with motion posters:

and a cool featurette:

Today, there’s been an interesting … if unexpected development involving a certain character who, glorious as he was, is supposed to be DEAD. I mean, this seems pretty permanent, no?

So, when photos from The Defenders featuring David Tennant’s Kilgrave show up online, we naturally assumed they’re flashbacks, or merely Kilgrave stuck in Jessica’s (or Malcolm’s) mind.

Only … here come the massive ***Spoilers*** 

Those photos in context with these photos

… which are of Jessica Jones Season 2 shoots going on this week in Brooklyn, NY, seem to indicate something more.

So, uh, does Kilgrave have the power to heal himself, or is he simply so pervasive a force that he can’t be willfully removed from a person’s mind?

I guess we’ll find out (to some degree) when The Defenders premieres tomorrow — August 18th — on Netflix.

Cindy Davis

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