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Do you know what my first thought about the second Mr. Robot clip  that quietly dropped over the weekend, and gave us our first formal glimpse at, apparently, the events of the third season of the best show on TV?

‘This is too simple’. I mean … ostensibly, it’s a quick taster, a sample of events to unfold when Mr. Robot returns in its new fall time slot, so it doesn’t need to be anything too complex. If you haven’t seen it:

the clip shows Elliot, healthy — well, no Robot, Tyrell or lingering effects of a gut shot in sight. He is at a club and has just won a fictionalised version of very real Cyber security competitions. And, now he means to hack the whole damned thing.

Unfortunately he’s interrupted. Darlene, flanked by two men who seem to be Dark Army reps. They ‘invite’ Elliot to join them, and by invite, I mean ‘demand in a way that suggests there are guns present’.

And that’s it, just a minute of time. It’s simple, tense as all get out, but there is a lot buried in there that you may miss if you’re just excited to see any footage from the new season.When you pay attention you hear a few things; the kid who congratulates Elliot talks like they’re on some kind of team who entered the competition together.

Elliot. Joining a team. With other people. To enter a hacking competition. Not only is Elliot all the way out of his comfort zone, but he’s putting himself way, way out there with a move like this. In the wake of all the hacks, I’d assume any such competition would wind up populated entirely by FBI agents, all of whom think they are the only undercover agents present.

Why would Elliot take such a risk? And, with what we learned Dom knows last year?

Tyrell, of course. Always Tyrell.

Elliot explains to us, his eternal silent witness, that somehow the network connection this computer has should enable Elliot to uninstall spying software that the Dark Army appears to have placed on Tyrell’s computer. He’s interrupted before he can, and it’s only the fact Darlene turns off his screen that prevents him verbally spilling the beans at just the WORST possible time.

So, in just that one minute we have; Elliot has apparently grown enough that he’s taking some pretty wild risks to protect the mission/Tyrell.

We have the mostly off-camera kid who may just be an extra for the week, but since this is Esmail and people with lines are rarely just people with lines, I’ll be keeping an eye out for how this kid enters the story and leaves it.

But, the most important part for me is Elliot’s purpose. Though he is, of course, the only one saying what he is saying, he talks as if Tyrell is in fact, definitely real and alive, and despite having shot Elliot … still on Team FSociety.

As someone who will doubt Tyrell’s existence until I actually see hard proof, this clip seems to be screaming at me that Tyrell is in fact, alive and well.

Why else take the risk?

We’ll find out when Mr. Robot returns on October 11th, on USA.

Nadine Morgan

Nadine Morgan is really terrible at the ‘About You’ part of life. Nadine developed her reviewer skills writing epic facebook rants about the details script supervisors forget and trying to explain why Carol on The Walking Dead broke Lizzie by accident. Nadine loves TV, film and books but she wishes someone would pay her to be the continuity editor. She can be found on Facebook and in her forest garden and if she’s not yelling at her TV she’s trying to convince a cat to be an Instagram model and refusing to let 90's fashion die.

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