Outlander‘s Steamy Season 3 Photos Remind Us Just How Hot Claire and Jamie Are Together

Let’s face it; watching Outlander‘s Jaime and Claire together, especially some of their hotter sex scenes, is one of our guilty pleasures. Whenever I’ve first discussed the series with someone new, trying to explain how much I love it and the general premise, I get to the part where I add, “And the sexytimes are really hot!” and feel slightly embarrassed. But there’s simply no denying the lead characters’ chemistry, or the fact that any time their clothes come off, we’re gaping, so I’m not even going to bother trying to cover up my voyeurism. Hey, the mister loves the show, too (which I never expected). Certainly, there is much more to this series than the Fraser’s physical relationship; the depth of story, supremely talented actors, including the incredible Tobias Menzies in two completely different roles and timelines, and a wealth of worthy material from Diana Gabaldon’s books — there’s no Game of Thrones-like worrying over the show passing its source. Still, without the palpable heat Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan infuse into every Jamie and Claire scene, this wouldn’t be the Outlander we froth over; we salivate each week it’s on, and every minute in between. Via EW, with a cover story about the show’s impending third season, come a batch of photos shot on location, in South Africa (standing in for the Caribbean). On to the hotness …

It’s gorgeous to witness,

it’s necessary,

it’s what Outlander thrives on,

and we just can’t wait to see more.

Jamie with César Domboy as Fergus, all grown up.

Outlander Season 3 covers events in Voyager; watch the Season 3 trailer(s), and meet me on Starz for “The Battle Joined“, September 10th.

Cindy Davis

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