Game of Thrones‘ Rory McCann Is Already Preparing for Season 8’s Highly Anticipated CleganeBowl

***Spoiler Warning: This post discusses Game of Thrones events through Season 7, Episode 7, and may involve A Song of Ice and Fire book events and theories. Spoilers***

Among the finest gems in Sundays Season 7 finale was a quiet, less than two minute, long-awaited encounter between two characters — and no, I’m not talking about the Dragon, the Wolf … or that butt,

though I’m always in favor of appreciating a free gift. What was I saying, again?

Oh right, THE HOUND! The Hound also gave us a wonderful finale gif …t — or twelve — when he spied a familiar (if not, face) silhouette entering the dragonpit.

Talk about making a beeline …

If it wasn’t exactly the right moment, Sandor Clegane didn’t mind telling that thing that used to be his brother what’s headed his way.


Anyway, our Hound just wants to let The Mountain know exactly what’s up; that even if there are more pressing matters at this particular moment, their problems are too serious to work through with a counselor (unlike Sansa and Arya’s drummed up issues, the Cleganes’ terrible history of violence is well known). Things Will Get Physical.

We also know what’s coming, and despite having to wait until at the very least, late 2018, possibly until 2019, The Hound wanted his brother to know what’s coming — him — aka the fight of the century, aka CleganeBowl. As Rory McCann mentions, the scene was a wonderful acknowledgement of our desire need and his, for the showdown.

He puts it all aside just to go and have a word with his brother. It just shows you it’s still very important to him. It’s still burning away at him, and he hates him.”

Though we don’t have definitive confirmation from the series’ writers, McCann is getting himself prepared.

Listen, I’ve started training already [which involves raising a punching bag three feet higher and bashing it with] a very large stick.”

Like us and like Oberyn Martell (*sob*) before him, and despite Gregor portrayer, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson’s claims he’ll win, The Hound fully expects to kick The Mountain’s ass.

There’s absolutely no chance he’ll win. It’s 100 percent that I will win. The Hound will win. He knows I can still move pretty fast and I’ll be the little Jack Russell around his feet, kicking him in the balls and slapping him on the head.” 

 In real life, McCann and Björnsson are friendly enough to head out for meals together, but The Hound reassures he’ll still kick his TV brother’s arse.
Don’t you worry, I’ve got my ways. “


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