Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Have Exactly the Right Reaction to That *Spoiler* Scene

***Spoiler Warning: This post discusses Game of Thrones events through Season 7, Episode 7. Spoilers***

The sighs of a kazillion Jon and Daenerys fans were heard and felt around the world this past Sunday, when Snow (not really) finally knocked on his queen’s door,

Girl, why aren’t you grabbing dat ass?

and some very awkward sex took place. My own sighing was of a different sort; not the “At last!” feeling some were experiencing; rather the “I think I’m gonna puke” groaning the rest of us felt. And yeah, I get it, pretty people are getting down together, but regardless of the series’ incest is best (or at least, incest is the norm) history, I’m not part of the intended Jonerys fanbase. And neither, thank the gods, are Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, who had a little fun with their own thoughts on the matter.

Of the four Game of Thrones actors (Clarke, Harington, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Peter Dinklage) featured in this Behind-the-Scenes commentary, three of them know it’s probably not a great idea … 

… the fourth doesn’t really discuss the act, instead focusing on the ramifications of discovering who Jon Snow really is — Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, Aegon Targaryen.

Check out the fun clip, then join me delighting in Harington and Clarke’s oh-so-perfect reactions to the Jonerys sex.

Dinklage’s face is my everything.

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