He Kept Saying I Wasn’t Real: Mr. Robot Continues Playing Havoc with Our Perceptions

***Spoilers for Mr. Robot through “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z” follow. Spoilers***

Not since Lost days has a showrunner so enjoyed messing with our minds. Sam Esmail’s Robotic play left viewers breathless at last season’s end, its fragile favorite antihero bleeding on the floor by — if I’m not totally bananas and incorrect, Elliot Alderson’s own hand. It’s not that we don’t — like Elliot — believe Tyrell Wellick is/was ever real, rather; incorporated

In a panic over the Dark Army’s Stage 2 plan, which threatens the lives of many people, Elliot (probably) shot himself and critical as that event was, nobody watching was truly worried something permanent could damage Alderson … well, er, I mean — unless this whole thing’s taking place in Elliot’s mind, which it obviously is to a certain extent, but not to the point where we all end up in a hospital room, shaking the fake snow.


All of this to say, go ahead and put on The Pixies while you watch the next Mr. Robot Season 3 teaser (trailer here), because Esmail and Co. are having the time of their lives turning everything upside-down.

“Stage 2 was never called off.”

Elliot’s meds; can anyone work out the drug name (e [possibly x …] aline)? **Edited:  It’s Sertraline, aka the antidepressant, Zoloft.

If anything was clearer, it was only just before our Robot-a-Sketch got shaken again. Meet us back on USA, October 11th.

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