Game of Thrones‘ Gwendoline Christie Describes Being the Object of Tormund’s Intense Affections, Plus an Unbelievable Fan Encounter

Love for Game of Thrones‘ favorite would-be couple runs far and wide, so it’s natural that any Gwendoline Christie interview would eventually end up at Brienne and Tormund — Seth Meyers is no exception. After a bit of polite discussion about the show in general and of course, Christie’s fabulous portrayal of the kickass Lady of Tarth,

 Meyers got down and dirty about the lusty stare-downs Tormund’s given Brienne. Turns out even she wasn’t prepared (or aware) of how intense Kristofer Hivju is, both on and off screen.

Hey, some of us would love that gingerbeard looking at us like a hunk-o-yum, and others might find it …

… creepy. Watch as the delightful actress describes her feelings on the matter, and then share a different story of unfathomable boundary overstepping — by a fan.

Did your mouth drop open when she got to ” … and then, underneath the door …”?

Damn, that makes Tormund’s antics seem positively charming.

I’m still rooting for those great big monsters to conquer the world.

Catch Gwendoline Christie next in Sundance Chanel’s Top of the Lake:  China Girl, beginning September 10th.

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