Looks Like We Won’t See Outlander‘s Claire and Jamie Reunited Until Episode 6

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Outlander, including Book Spoilers through Voyager follow. Spoilers***

Droughtlander may be almost over, but Jamie and Claire Fraser’s time apart is — apparently — not. We had a hunch, and hints that it might be a while before our favorite pair is reunited, but nobody really knew how long in TV-time that would take. And listen, I’m not opposed to seeing a bit of backstory on what happened during the time Frank and Claire raised Brianna, especially since seeing hunky Tobias Menzies’ new bespectacled look.

Still, for those of us wondering just how long tptb will drag out the looooooonging …

… the new episode listing Starz just released has a big hint. We already knew the first title:

Episode 3.1:  “The Battle Joined” September 10

Here’s the rest of the listing:

Episode 3.2:  “Surrender” September 17th
Episode 3.3:  “All Debts Paid” September 24th
Episode 3.4:  “Of Lost Things” October 1st
Episode 3.5:  “Freedom & Whisky” October 8th
Episode 3.6:  “A. Malcolm” October 22nd
Episode 3.7 :  “Creme De Menthe” October 29th
Episode 3.8:  “First Wife
Episode 3.9:  “The Doldrum
Episode 3.10:  “Heaven & Earth
Episode 3.11:  “Turtle Soup
Episode 3.12:  “The Bakra
Episode 3.13:  “A New World” (Season Finale)

***Mild Book Spoilers ahead***

Book readers know that there’s a big clue in the Episode 6 title, that being the name of the print shop where Claire finds Jamie when she returns to his time in the 1760s — “A. Malcolm

won’t be until the sixth(!) hour, which airs October 22nd.

Ah well, at least we know we’ll eventually get there.

Outlander returns to Starz September 10th.

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