Bite Club: Dominic Monaghan Is About to Star in One of The Strangest Series You’ll Ever Hear About

Lost‘s Chaaahlie had plenty of issues, and Dominic Monaghan’s has played everything from hobbit to grave robber, but his latest character may top the list of eccentrics he’s portrayed … and I can’t wait to try to understand his new series, Bite Club (not associated with vampires or the Vertigo comic). Admittedly, it sounds as disturbing as intriguing, and the mere thought of flashbacks is cringe-inducing and possibly triggering. With that warning, and a note that Monaghan’s Stephen Lamb suffered childhood abuse, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to read on.

As reported by THR, Australia’s Channel Nine and Sony Pictures are producing the eight-part limited series — it’ll likely be picked up by one of the major streaming outlets here — about Lamb, a “troubled” police officer and dog handler, paired with an ex to work on murder cases. So far, not so strange; now, add in that Lamb and his former lover survived a shark attack (Note:  there is a real world Australian Bite Club for shark attack survivors) …

… okay, still not that odd, right? But, here comes the disturbing part. Monaghan’s character has a certain sexual predilection; he (you can probably guess from the series’ title) apparently likes to be bitten. That’s not a big deal (we all have our things, right?) until you hear why Stephen Lamb likely developed such a preference. You see, as a wee child, some terrible excuse for parents chained little Lamb to a dog … who bit him.

I’m not going to lie, that part of the story, I have no interest in seeing and it sort of freaks me out — but I am interested in the associated psychology, and how Monaghan handles the adult Stephen … and what the heck happened with the shark attack (dear god, please tell me he didn’t get bit by the shark, too). It’s all so bizarre, I can’t help wanting to see how it comes together. The Bite Club story reminds me of Cronenberg’s/J.G. Ballard’s Crash which, for me, was better as a novel; the visual depiction was almost too much to take.

Jennifer Leacey (The Wrong Girl, Pulse, The Rover, The Great Gatsby) will direct, co-stars are yet to be announced; we’ll update as more information (*shudder*) becomes available.

Cindy Davis

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