Something Inside Me Has Always Been There: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer 2

It’s here, it’s here, the new Last Jedi trailer is here! As of half past football last evening, we were treated to a deeper look into Episode VIII, as well as this gorgeous new poster released shortly beforehand …

Rey is clearly the dominant FORCE, and I have all the faith in the world she shall so remain through the third trilogy. Now, as I am contractually (by myself) obligated, let’s gif and geek out.

You know, it Poe! But wait, I seem to have skipped a thing or two.

You’ll remember, of course, when last we left our heroine, Rey was about to hand Luke his long lost lightsaber.

Rey has lots of questions, but it’s asking the right person that will truly affect both the answers she receives, and how those answers will affect her.


NOT HIM, EITHER! Snoke and Ren bad, Rey … very bad.

There are much better forces to turn to. Glorious guides and trailblazers.

*sniffle* Yes, it’s going to be difficult, but we’re both excited and emotional to see our dear General one last time. And listen to me carefully, Rey …

… you must trust in Leia and her brother. No matter what obstacles Luke has allowed to stand in his way until now,

he’ll come around, and he WILL teach you the ways of this new world.

That’s it! You’ve got this! You’re totally going to kick that wimpy Ren’s … well, you know …

As for other favorites, no worries about Finn — he’s recovered, seems to have had to make another escape, and he’s got your back.

Chewie’s got a new friend … one whose roar is just a little bit different.

At any rate, it seems enough to scare off these blockheads.

But, of all the dark forces out there, this one (under his grandfather and Snoke’s influences) is most dangerous;

he’s the one who (likely) caused Luke’s crisis of faith (so to speak) …

the one everyone must work to stop — or to turn back toward the light.

She’s counting on you, Rey …

as are we all. We KNOW you can do it. The fire is in you … and

may the Force be with you.

Here’s the full trailer:

Star Wars:  The Last Jedi is in theaters December 14th.

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