Supergirl, ‘Girl of Steel’: She’s Got a New Attitude

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 1, “Girl of Steel”

We’re back for another season of pretty people doing superhero things on The CW. Supergirl kicks things off with Kara not quite herself; Adrian Pasdar is our new villain, and Sanvers are up to their old tricks. Here’s everything you need to know about the season premiere of Supergirl:

What’s new: Sunshine and unicorns are out, Kara is all business now. This is in response to Kara losing Mon-El. Instead of dealing with squishy feelings as Kara, she’s just chosen to retreat into her badass Supergirl shell. She even goes as far as quitting her job reporting about herself at CatCo. If only there were a raven-haired billionaire around to show Kara the error of her ways.

What hasn’t changed: Alex and Maggie are still like a couple of teenagers, meaning they still refuse to communicate like adults. Alex doesn’t want a big wedding, because her dad couldn’t show up to the Lois and Clark reunion we all wanted last year, so why would he bother to show to walk his own daughter down the aisle? But instead of Alex, you know, telling Maggie this, they have to nearly break up for the millionth time in order for everyone to get on the same page. It all works out in the end. The wedding is back on. It’s going to be a big, gay affair (Alex’s words, not mine) with J’onn J’onezz as Alex’s surrogate daddy. Oh and by the way, Lena Luthor still totally has the hots for Kara, so much so that Lena bought a majority stake in CatCo to help her out.

What about the action: There were some interesting brooding scenes of Kara in the sky listening for trouble and occasionally dreaming about Mon-El. Real estate developer, Morgan Edge (Pasdar) has some mercenary-looking dudes stealing equipment to completely cloak a submarine, so it can fire torpedoes into the waterfront and make it cheaper to develop (okay, so Edge isn’t exactly a genius). Kara can do many things, but breathe under water isn’t one of them. She starts sinking like Jamie Lannister in the Blackwater after getting knocked cold by an exploding torpedo. As everyone stands there helplessly (especially the telepathic shapeshifter who can fly), the voice of Dream Mon-El tells Kara to wake up. Kara snaps out of it, saves the city, returns to her job and joins the gang for shots.

Human Resources nightmare of the week: Although done with the best of intentions, it’s still wrong for a superior (Jimmy) to coerce a subordinate (Kara) into having drinks with him. Hopefully L Corp has a stronger training program.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: That single mom who got super strength, then had a nightmare about Kara’s (recast)  mother, looks like she’s going to be a thing next week.

Last impressions: This wasn’t a bad way for Supergirl to kick off the new season. She had to deal with the loss of Mon-El in some way, and at least Supergirl isn’t making the Flash mistake of making Kara moody and morose all season. Mon-El is still the only man for her, but lucky for Lena Luthor, she isn’t a man.

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