Sunflower, 3 to the Right, 4 to the Left, Rainbow: What’s Happening in Eleven’s Stranger Things Nosebleed Flashes?

We’re drawing close to Stranger Things‘ second season (October 31st), so promotional amping up is to be expected; this latest tease, however, is not. The collage of images flashing through Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) meddled mind hold a store of clues to her history. Making sense of them, though? We might need a little bit of a group effort. I’ve grabbed the pertinent screenshots to puzzle through together.

We’ve seen flashbacks of some of the experimentation that’s been conducted in the Hawkins lab, and these appear to be security monitors at the same location.

A shot of a news item about the CIA’s (real life) MK Ultra — mind control experimentation program,

and another about “Alleged Experiments, Abuse” that mentions Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins) — who is possibly Eleven’s mother — case against Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), aka “Papa”, Eleven’s apparent caretaker/tormentor.

Eleven repeating directions to herself — maybe for escape?:  “3 to the right, 4 to the left.”


And a shot of “Papa” …

“450” or 4:50 (time),

followed by another shot of the lab experiments she endured. The guy on the far left reminds of Lost’s Dr. Marvin Candle.

There are various shots of the tank we’ve seen Eleven immersed in during the first season,

as well as sunflowers, which — like the rainbows — may be something she connects back to happier memories, when she was still with her mother.

More experiments … shadowy figures listening in.

… and, as we’ve seen before, Eleven carried off, either to or from “testing.” One of the Project MKUltra objectives was to cause paralysis, and we’ve seen Eleven physically weakened by experiments and/or the use of her “powers.”

There’s a fuzzy shot of a news item about the lab blocking an inquest.

And, finally, there are several shots of blonde women in repose (perhaps merely related to the peacefulness Eleven finds in thinking about rainbows and sunflowers), at least one of whom I believe could be …

Terry Ives.

Perhaps some of the repetitive imagery is not merely tranquility for Eleven though; could the rainbows, 450, and sunflowers be triggers — used to induce, or to stop, certain behavior?

At the very least, it’s being implied that Brenner and his cronies are part of the CIA’s MKUltra program, and that at least some in the town of Hawkins, IN, have an idea about the lab and its goings-on. Clearly, the Upside-Down is a byproduct of the happenings in the lab, and I wonder if it could be — if the Demogorgon/monster was created by Eleven’s mind … Perhaps she became more powerful than expected, and the Upside-Down and its properties are a physical manifestation she unintentionally created?

Here’s the full teaser; what do you think?

*Updated:  A new trailer was released Friday the 13th.

I look forward to working through more of the Stranger Things story when it kicks off on Netflix, October 27th.

Cindy Davis

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