Arrow ‘Fallout’ Reveals Everyone Who Survived Last Season’s Finale (Hint: It Was Everybody You Expected)

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 1, “Fallout”

Following an explosive cliffhanger season finale that left the fate of all but two of Arrow‘s characters up in the air, the show had a lot to unpack in its season premiere. It shouldn’t be surprising this episode came off a little messy as the series tried to cram 10-pounds of story into a 1-pound bag. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s new: Ollie has added “father” to the growing list of things he is unsuccessfully balancing with being a masked avenger. He’s taken custody of his traumatized son following his mother’s death in the explosion on Lian Yu. To the surprise of no one but Ollie, the boy isn’t exactly bonding with his dad. The new members of Team Arrow have grown surprisingly competent in the months since the island blew up. Temporary Canary has become a trash-talking, swashbuckling badass. The T-Spheres are a game-changer for Mr. Terrific. And, Wild Dog looks sharp in his new uniform, plus, he’s a crackerjack speechwriter. Not everyone emerged from the island unscathed, however. Diggle lost his nerve and in the dramatic reveal of the night, Thea is in a coma.

What hasn’t changed: Felicity and Oliver still want to take the good ship Olicity on a cruise to Bonetown, but life is getting in the way –- mainly because Ollie’s son is still adjusting to having a father and grieving the loss of his mother, so seeing his old man doing flirty things with another woman might not be the most beneficial thing for the boy’s well-being. Lance is still an unreliable basketcase, mentally hanging on by a thread. Felicity is still her sassy self. Finally, the show still loves flashbacks. Instead of going back five years, the flashbacks reversed five months, to the aftermath on a charred Lian Yu. At least they addressed some of what happened on the island, but I also had a secret hope that Arrow would put that particular storytelling device away this season.

What about the action: The episode wasted no time pumping arrows into mercenaries, as we are treated to Ollie and his squad storming the boat of a new baddie who is threatening Star City with a missile. It was a good way to establish a big chunk of the survivors of the conflagration on the island. We got the old “captured on purpose” routine that saw Star City’s lone police station get blown up for the 150th time, and the bad guys actually had to break into the Arrowcave instead of walking through its many unlocked doors. Wild Dog got shot in the face by friendly fire (Diggle).

Was Laurel awful?: Black Siren might be a Laurel from an infinite timeline, but like all Ricks and Mortys, in any universe, Laurels are still Laurels. She survived the initial explosion and actually got the drop on Temporary Canary, before Lance shot her and left her for dead. She was rescued by a mystery benefactor with a black helicopter, and has arrived in Star City with a mad genius, a pack of highly trained mercenaries, and an evil use for Curtis’ T-Sphere technology. I will grant Arrow this, being a straight-up villain suits Katie Cassidy way better than whatever the hell nuanced character development they tried with Laurel v1.0. The crazy talk Lance was spouting about Black Siren being his “baby girl” and whatnot makes me concerned about a future Laurel redemption plot that no one has asked for.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: There are a lot of directions for Arrow to go. Ollie managed to smooth things over a little with his son, which was nice to see. The budding Canary-Black Canary rivalry was fun, it would be great to get more of that. There’s also Thea’s ultimate fate to deal with, and Ollie’s identity being revealed to the public for the 683rd time. Also, don’t forget we have a mystery villain pulling the strings to unknown ends.

Last impressions: Arrow painted itself into a bit of a corner at the end of last season, so getting out of that narrative predicament was going to either be lengthy or messy. Arrow chose the latter, which made for an at times jumbled season premiere, but should ultimately work to the show’s benefit by getting story up and running quicker.

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