When You Know You’re Finally Gonna Get That Supersized Sex Scene: Outlander, ‘A. Malcolm’ Preview

Maybe it’s just me, but … I’m pretty sure I’d forego dinner …

After a long, long wait that we knew would last until the third season’s sixth episode, in this Sunday’s supersized — with a 74 minute runtime — Outlander, Claire and Jamie will finally, truly reunite.

And by reunite, I mean HAVE SEXYTIMES. And by sexytimes, we know Outlander means business (they’re not exactly shy, thank goodness, when it comes to the sex scenes).

Whoops! Wrong sexytimes partner!

Sure, sometimes it feels a bit romance novel/voyeuristic to frame our love for this series around its sex scenes, but dammit … they are hot. So, excuse us if we fan ourselves over this gorgeous new preview shot,

and thoughts of things to …

… er, come. (Go ahead, groan. I earned it.)

Of course, this being television, they’ll first make us suffer just a little bit more; though we won’t have to relive Jamie’s fainting, showrunner, Ron Moore says that before the sexytimes, we’ll be seeing a bit of what Jamie’s been up to in Edinburgh, under his Alexander Malcolm alias.

We didn’t want to just repeat the joke. We didn’t want to just pick up in real time so it wouldn’t have any momentum in it anymore. So it felt like we should reset a little bit.

[Moore] wanted to know what Jamie was going through in his day … He doesn’t know what’s coming and we all do. He’s living in Edinburgh and has this other life, who are all these people in that life? It’s a whole different atmosphere. I wanted to really relish and enjoy the tension of that waiting for the door bell to ring and to see what happened from his perspective. It was a fun way to set it up.”

Once we get into Jamie and Claire, though …

… EP, Maril Davis promises we’ll be spending a long time together with them.


I’m most excited that we chose to do something that most people wouldn’t do, which is to spend about 40 minutes in one set with two characters and see them reconnecting … it’s a luxury and a journey. It’s a love letter to the fans to be like, let’s see Jamie and Claire reunite and let’s have this bubble fantasy episode before all this stuff comes crashing down on them. They have to go back to the real world so it’s a real luxurious time to spend with them and I think the fans will really enjoy it.”

Here’s the full teaser for “A. Malcolm”:

Outlander airs Sundays on Starz.

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