New Outlander Print Shop Photos Reveal Claire and Jamie’s First Moments Together, and an All Grown Up Fergus

Few people can heat up a room quicker than Caitriona Balfe’s Claire and Sam Heughan’s Jamie, and from the looks of these “A. Malcolm” promotional photos, this Sunday’s episode is going to be HOT.

I mean, I can practically *feel* that kiss, myself; how ’bout you?

Okay, time to cool off a little … here’s a closer look at adult Fergus, as played by César Domboy.

Everybody say, “Aaaaw!” at the thought of wee Fergus, who I hope will still see through flashbacks or something. I can’t stand the thought of not having the adorable Roman Berrux running around anymore.

Don’t forget this Sunday’s Outlander is supersized, coming in at 74 minutes, presumably (hopefully) because of WE’RE FINALLY GONNA HAVE JAMIE & CLAIRE SEXYTIMES, AGAIN the emotional Jamie and Claire reunion.

Here are the rest of the episode promo shots.

Is be-hatted Jamie even hotter? (Yes, yes he is.)

The long wait is over in three days. Outlander airs on Starz, Sunday.

Cindy Davis

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