Arrow, ‘Tribute’: Oliver Faces Pressure from New and Old Threats

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 2, “Tribute”

Oliver’s life is suddenly quite complicated, or so he thinks (because it’s been complicated since the Queen’s Gambit first started taking on water). The addition of young William to his life, along with his job as mayor and his nighttime activities, has given Ollie pause for thought. William, who is still traumatized by the death of this mother, is stressed by the possibility that the one parent he has left isn’t going to come home one night ,and he’ll be an orphan. This thought hits Ollie pretty hard and he makes a bold decision. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop: Anatoly is back in town and needs some quick cash to get back in business. It just so happens that Star City recently came into a $20 million insurance payment for their exploded police station. To get it, Anatoly’s guys do some shooting up and kidnapping of foreign dignitaries to strong-arm Ollie into giving up the money. With the press and FBI hounding, Ollie over the photo showing him to be a murderous vigilante, Anatoly has Ollie and the city over a barrel.

Anything new?: Looks like Diggle’s recent performance issues are not totally in his head. After several glares and tough love conversations with Temporary Canary, Digs admits he took some shrapnel when Lian Yu exploded, and didn’t bother to inform the rest of the team. Now he has some degenerative nerve issues. The episode also addressed the fact that being a vigilante pays squat, so Felicity and Curtis are going to go into business together to comfortably keep themselves in T-spheres and skintight dresses. Lastly, this was a flashback-free episode, quite possibly the first in the history of the series.

What about the action: Really, nothing out of the ordinary this week. There was a bunch of gunplay in the factory, and the team assembled to rescue the kidnapped dignitaries, but that’s the extent of the mayhem. There was a lot of moving of chess pieces around the board, with Ollie and his staff verbally jousting with the FBI, and the photo issue ended up being unresolved.

Sex and the Olicity: They didn’t appear onscreen together this week. So, love is interrupted by mayoring and fatherhood, again.

Say again?: Yes, Ollie dropped a Bruce Wayne reference, which opens up a whole realm of crossover possibility.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: Just as Diggle was going to tell Ollie about his health problems, Ollie asks Digs to take over as Green Arrow. Being ever the good solider, Digs accepts. Ollie is stepping away because of his sense of obligation to William, that it’s not about just him anymore. It’s a little short-sighted on Ollie’s part because his mom, sister, friends and many ex-girlfriends would have been devastated if he were killed in the line of duty. But hey, whatever helps Ollie sleep at night. There was no sign of Black Siren or her mystery benefactor, and the whole Anatoly needs money plot thread wasn’t exactly tied off, either.

Last impressions: Arrow is exploring a lot of avenues in the first couple of episodes of this season. With fatherhood, the media, and a determined FBI agent all applying their own pressure, Oliver has been forced to be more introspective than ever. It’s an interesting change of pace from the old routine of Oliver pretty much being a bad teammate on the regular. There is some danger to the course however, with so many secondary plot threads to service, it could cause the whole series to get jumbled up. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s something worth keeping track of.

Craig Wack

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