The Flash, ‘Luck Be a Lady’: Series Doubles Down on Madcap Adventure

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 3, “Luck Be a Lady”

The Flash is doing everything in its power to separate itself from its morose recent past, and this week spared no crazy scenario. However, unlike the first two episodes, the improbable zaniness was at least grounded the powers of this week’s villain. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop: After last week’s baddie, Kilgore spilled the beans about a dirty dozen of new metahumans, we’re introduced to Becky Sharpe. Becky is one of those people who can never catch a break, always followed by a cloud of bad luck. Her luck changed when The Thinker maneuvered her onto a bus at the exact moment Barry burst out of the Speed Force, sending a wave of dark matter that washed over the bus and gave everyone inside powers.

Anything new?: Harry’s back! And he’s just as cranky as ever. He left Earth 2 because he was being too much of a killjoy as a part of the new team Jesse Quick put together. Speaking of Jesse, she did the Earth 2 version of breakup by text with Wally.

What about the action: Hazard (Sharpe’s nickname) isn’t a physical hero, but her powers are potent. As good things happen to her, the more she throws bad luck into a particular area. She starts off with a small area, but by the end of the episode, she’s having an incredible string of luck at a local casino — which throws the entire city into chaos. During the course of the episode, Barry fell down because of marbles and loose change, WestAllen’s wedding plans got messed up, a passenger jet hit a goose, Joe’s house started falling apart, and the STAR Labs accelerator spontaneously restarted. That last one proved to be a blessing in disguise, thanks to Harry. As he and Cisco were scrambling to shut it down, Harry decided to let it pop. With the way they had it rigged, instead of more dark matter, a different kind of energy that countered Hazard’s bad energy shot out of it, allowing Barry the opportunity to slap the cuffs on her.

Did Barry cry?: Nope. Even during Wally’s sad departure from Team Flash (he feels like a third wheel, now that Barry is back, so he is going to another city where the show can save money on its effects budget) there were no tears.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: In the course of finding out about Hazard, Team Flash learned about the 12 total new metas, and that a malevolent figure manipulated events to make that happen. The STAR labs crew think they are ahead of the game, but The Thinker’s camera inside the robot samurai’s head shows that is not the case. Oh, and in the stinger, Cecilia is pregnant with Joe’s baby, leaving him temporarily comatose.

Last impressions: Despite all the madcappery, The Flash managed to move a significant amount of plot this episode. Instead of the team blindly stumbling from one new superpowered person to another, the show will have a race against time feel to it, which should help the season in the long run. The trade of Harry for Wally is one we’d make every single time, because too many speedsters slow down the show.

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