Arrow, ‘Next of Kin’: Now It’s Diggle’s Turn to Brood in the Hood

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 3, “Next of Kin”

In another move that smacks of freeing the star up to shoot the crossover episode, Ollie has passed his quiver down to Diggle and heavy is the head that wears the hood. With no need to stay out all night, Ollie is able to get in some mayoring, further bonding with his son, and have some sexy times with Felicity. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop: Diggle is not adjusting well to life as the Green Arrow. Surprisingly enough, it’s not Diggle’s hand tremor that’s holding him back. This time, despite being trained military with squad leader combat experience, Diggle fails to make a quick tactical decision on the fly, and innocents suffer as a result. But, Oliver gives Diggle the kind of pep talk that Diggle has given him a hundred times before, and the second encounter with the baddie of the week goes better, much to the team’s delight.

Anything new?: Without vigilante duties to weigh him down, Oliver is 80% less jerky than normal. He helps William with his math homework, weighs in on some pending anti-vigilante legislation, and verbally spars with the FBI agent that is hounding him. Ollie even realizes and admits what a dick move it was to take time off from being Arrow to be with his son, when Diggle has a child of his own at home.

What about the action: This week’s villainous leader, Onyx, is the kind of paramilitary type we’ve run across on Arrow seemingly a few dozen times before. Her deal is she uses an intense lightshow to distract before she and her team do their dirt. Arrow does earn some points for being creative. In the opening chase sequence, Diggle dives off a building, then is pushed into the right spot with a sonic blast from Temporary Canary. Once again, there are some nice team dynamics and Curtis, especially, has seemed to have found his niche. It is rather suspicious that Diggle is not bothered by his arm at all in the episode, and that he’s using his bow as a club, rather than as an arrow delivery device. That second flaw is remedied after Felicity and Curtis whip up a repeating crossbow for Diggle to use.

Sex and the Olicity: Now that he has a little more downtime, Ollie works on his relationship with Felicity. It starts innocently enough with a request for Felicity to help William study for a math test. Of course, Felicity is an excellent tutor and helps unlock William’s potential with the same amount of intelligence and compassion she has shown in the chair as Overwatch. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Oliver. After William aces the test, Ollie presents Felicity with a key to his apartment as a gift, saying that Oliver and William could stand to have a little more Felicity in their lives. Passionate kissing commences onscreen, and one assumes a trip to Bonetown happens, off. In other words, Olicity is back on, bitches!

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: To paraphrase Prof. Richard Impossible from The Venture Bros., Diggle’s ALL HOPPED UP ON SERUM. That is how he’s been able to control his tremors. To make matters worse, the FBI agent isn’t dumb. She’s noticed that in the past couple of days, the Green Arrow has grown about four inches and has massive guns that no sleeve can contain. Diggle is now officially on her radar, too. Finally, the anti-vigilante measures are going to go on the ballot, which makes it literally a referendum on whether the citizens are down for Oliver’s ongoing mission to save his city.

Last impressions: This was a perfectly serviceable episode of the series, something that is easier said than done for a show in its sixth season. There wasn’t a lot of new territory explored. Instead of Ollie holding back some dark secret that threatens to tear apart the whole fabric of the team, it’s Diggle who bound to have the falsehood blow up in his face. It’s nice to see Ollie motivated to save his city in a way that doesn’t involve him pumping something full of arrows. Who knows how long any of this blissfulness will last, because as usual, the lives of Team Arrow are a Jenga tower built on a foundation of oatmeal. It’s not a matter of if it will all fall apart, but a matter of when, and how messy it will be.

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